Point of care clinical information you can actually use!

Only practicing clinicians can truly understand the unique challenges we face during patient consultations. Medical advances, government targets, increasing workload and more complex presentations has forced us to find smarter ways to manage time-limited consultations.

Productive Medic was born out of one busy GP’s search for a simple way to save time and make better clinical decision during patient consultations. He did not find a suffiently robust system without significant disruption to the consultation workflow….so, he decided to build one.

This system and website has been created from the ground up so that it fits into the consultation workflow with minimal disruption. It has been tested and refined in a busy inner city practice and it is offered free of charge.

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Productive Medic offers busy clinicians:

  • Clinical information you can easily and quickly access during the consultation
  • Over 300 clinical reference pages with links to reputable medical information
  • Over 80 differential diagnosis pages for common symptoms in primary care
  • Dermatology: made easy with links to the best clinical pictures
  • At a glance lists of red flags and conditions you can’t afford to miss
  • Clinical assessment ‘cheat sheets’ to act as prompts during the consultation
  • SAFER DIAGNOSIS prompts to reduce diagnostic errors and medico-legal risk
  • A customised clinical internet search engine to help you find what you need
  • Private notes that can be saved on each page of the website
  • Coming soon: auto-consultation features that will save you up to an hour a day
  •  & much more…